a malachite king fisher stalks his prey

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#1 in customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. All of our Naturalists and guides have spent lifetimes traversing the bush and national parks of Tanzania. Having spent many years studying the flora, fauna and wildlife in schools with constant training and retraining, they know by instinct what it is you're longing to see. Every wildlife safari is different; from a cheetah with cubs to a lion with a kill, you can be assured that our guides will do everything possible to make your safari the trip of a lifetime

#1 in eco-tourism
All of our employees have a commitment to the protection of the environment in Tanzania. When you travel on a wildlife safari with us, you know you'll be supporting responsible and sustainable tourism that helps preserve an outstanding country

#1 in wildlife safaris
Situated on the indian ocean and just below the equator, Tanzania is one of the friendliest countries on the African Continent. The abundance of wildlife is unprecedented. Tanzania has more national parks and more protected land than any other country on the Continent... Read more