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A dolphin jumps out of the water near Mafia Island
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Mafia Island

160 kms to the south of Zanzibar lies Mafia Island, a favorite haunt of big game fishermen and scuba divers. Following the tradition of Ernest Hemingway, sports fisherman specimens of King-fish, shark, tunny (one of the biggest along the East African coast), barracuda, red snapper, dolphin, wahoo, five fingered jack, fimbo, marlin, horsemackeral, sailfish and huge rock cod. The rare and exotic dungong breeds in the Mafia channel as does the white. Giant turtles lay their eggs on the smaller islands east of Mafia during the northeast monsoon. There are ruins of settlements at Ras Kisimani. A 13th century mosque has been excavated here.

Naipenda Safaris can also organiza whale shark expeditions where you will snorkle besides a whale shark. They are completely harmless even though they can measure up to 40 feet in lenght.

A whale Shark near Mafia Island you can snorkle with them there A green turlte hatching at Mafia Island what a spectacle