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Giant Baobab trees in Arusha National Park
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Mount Meru in Arusha National Park
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The African buffalo grazing in Tanzania
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Arusha National Park

Located just a few kilometres north east of Arusha, The 552 sq km Arusha National Park has three distinct zones. The Ngurdoto Crater, an experiment in nature, which remains untouched as no human interruption is allowed.

The Momella Lakes, a group of shallow alkaline lakes fed by underground streams and Mt. Meru, the most rewarding mountain to climb. Mt. Meru is the 2nd highest peek in Tanzania at 4566 meters

Wildlife includes giraffe, elephant, waterbuck, blue monkey, the rare black and white colobus monkey, leopard, hyena, buffalo, hippo and a variety of antelope.

Lions are not residents although they’re known to visit, and stay, especially during the dry season.

Two giraffes at the Arusha park in Tanzania


In the park you will be able to do walking safaris which include forest walks and game drives. Naipenda Safaris recommends this park for bird watching and for walking safaris, also for the spectacular views of Mount Meru. The best time to view Mount Meru is December to February.

A blue monkey eating fruit off the trees

A heron eats a rodent in Arusha National Park

A porcupine quill


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