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Kungwe Beach Lodge

On a long stretch of Lake Tanganyika's golden sandy shores, beneath the magnificent Mahale Mountains, lies the new Kungwe Beach Lodge. An uninterrupted cacophony of beetles, crickets and birds and the calls of Chimpanzees in the forest accompany your stay at Kungwe Beach Lodge.

The camp is situated between Kasiha and Sinsiba streams and is built with comfort and luxury in mind. Whether relaxing in the lavishly furnished lounge, or on a Lazy (Uvivu) chair overlooking the lake, Nkungwe Camp is the perfect place to wind down and reflect on the wonders of your day. A simple stretch on our cushioned beds on the beach with a good book while contemplating your next adventure is always a comfort.

Meals at the camps are a sumptuous affair. Breakfasts are of American fashion with tropical fruits and juices. Lunch and Dinners consist of a minimum of three gourmet courses - from Italian, Chinese, American, Indian and more. The speciality of our Mahale camp is the Sangara, Kuhe, Mgebuka fish caught fresh from Lake Tanganyika by local fishermen.

There are over 1000 Chimpanzees in Mahale. The 'Mimikere' community of about 70 individuals live in a territory including our camp. This group has been studied by members of Kyoto University of Japan since 1965 and as a result the Chimpanzees are accustomed to the presence of humans. This makes any encounter unforgettable and exhilarating.

The Kungwe Beach Lodge in Tanzania