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Mdonya Old River Camp

Mdonya Old River Camp is on the banks of a sand river, used by the animals as a corridor, so that many varieties are seen without even going on a game drive.

Mdonya Old River Camp is located in the western part of the Ruaha National Park. It takes around 2 hours to drive from the airstrip at Msembe, so there is a rare privacy, few other vehicles will be seen on the way. The Ruaha offers unmatched diversity, covering over 10 000 sq km in southern Tanzania, with varying terrain so that you will see large numbers of species of animals, birds and flowers.

Mdonya Old River Camp is a very special camp, where you will see 'the genuine thing' -green canvas tents on the ground, with only the shade of beautiful river trees, just as the early explorers would site their camps. It is on the banks of a sand river, used by the animals as a corridor, so that many varieties are seen without even going on a game drive.

The sand-river yields grass for grazing and this attracts the herbivores which in turn attract the bigger game and predators. It is not unusual to see Lion in or around the camp, as well as Elephant and Buffalo. The experienced managers and staff keep an eye on the safety and comfort of the guests at all times of course.

Accommodation at Mdonya Old River is offered in 10 safari tents set on ground-sheets in the traditional way. You will 'see the canvas' here! Each tent has a verandah where guests can relax and spot the game around or read a good book.

There is an en-suite bathroom with dressing area, open to the sky shower and flush toilet. Some of the tents can be turned into family tents, with extra rooms attached to the front with sturdy zips. There is a living or sitting tent, with reference books and comfortable chairs.

The staff will serve tea, coffee or drinks here at any time. Early morning tea or coffee can be ordered at the tent of course. The dining tent is cool and comfortable, with net sides that can be raised or lowered. The experienced chefs provide delicious food. In the evenings a campfire is lit for the guests to gather around.

Accommodation: - The tents are scattered in a spacious area under the shade of large sycamore figs - and Faidherbia albida, nestled in the curving banks of a sand-river. They are traditional safari tents - and comfortably furnished with double or twin beds - and with large verandahs where one can relax and observe the wildlife around. - There are three family tents, with separate rooms zipped on. - All the tents have ensuite bathrooms with dressing room, open-roofed shower and separate flush toilet.

Pictures of the Mdonya Old River Camp